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June Community Garden Newsletter

Posted 7/8/2015 2:56pm by Brien Darby.


  • The weed flamingos will be placed this week--please see the newsletter for details if you do not remember the weed policy!
  • Please remember to hang your tools (and clean them!) after each use.
  • Food donation will be starting this week. If you have any extra produce that you would like to donate, we will be picking up donations on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  Please don't leave donations outside of these pick up times, it is no fun to clean up rotting food! A sign will be placed on the inside of the shed door if the donations have already been picked up for the day.
  • Please, please, please, please be mindful of what you are putting in the trash, the recycling, and the compost. The recycling bin (the purple one) is only for recyclable materials (same rules as Denver recycling) and you can recycle most plant pots (the black or white pots) if they have a 1-7 number on the bottom. The compost is for organic material--please read all posted signs about how to add to the pile. The trash is for other items that don't fit these categories. Just remember that when it is not done properly, it has to be sorted by hand and it has to be carted away by hand, so anything you can do to make this process easier would be much appreciated!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Thursday June 18th- 1:30-3:30, work afternoon
  • Saturday June 20th, 8-10am, work morning
  • SPECIAL offer on being a compost volunteer. If you are interested in helping with the compost piles, we have a special deal for you! Composting queen Martha Bailey has offered to give you TWO of her volunteer hours for every ONE hour that you donate  towards working on the compost. To learn more about this fabulous offer, please contact Martha directly, mjbailey1111@gmail.com.