Check back often for new volunteer opportunities

Throughout the season, there are many different ways to volunteer in the community garden. Below is a summary of some of these opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form.


Garden members and community members alike are encouraged to join one of the committees that serve our garden. Committees cover a range of operational tasks from planning social events to making sure that tools get sharpened. For a more detailed description of our committees, click here.

Work Days

To accomplish larger tasks, gardeners come together once a month during the growing season for an "all hands" style work day. To find the details for our next work day, check out the calendar.

Community Food Donation

Our garden collects vegetables and herbs for donation that are grown in community areas and individual plots. Volunteers are needed to manage deliveries to our donation partner, S.A.M.E. cafe, which take place twice a week during the growing season.


Most of the vegetative waste created by the community garden is composted on-site. Our compost program is almost entirely volunteer driven and also provides a great educational resource for our community.


While all gardeners are encouraged to share in the responsibility of communal weeding and upkeep of the common areas, sometimes it takes a team effort to get the job done! Our maintenance team also helps empty our trash bins and make sure that common areas are being watered.


Have any great ideas for new content for our website? Feel free to pitch it to the website team. We are always looking for new contributors to provide us with pictures and stories from the community garden throughout the season.


For more information about any of our volunteer opportunities, please don't hesitate to contact us!